A Place to Embrace (Our Place in Space)

After his village is attacked by lava monsters, Ramoos of the Hachaso River Clan is left alone to care for his four brothers and twenty seven little ones. All nine clan elders are killed in the attack and it falls to Ramoos to shepherd the surviving children across the plain to the clan’s sanctuary in the foothills of the mountains. Meanwhile, Kiji Brooks, from A Place to Be Free, is now captain of the space ship Spirit of Liberty and is leading an expedition to the outer solar system. The fates of both Kiji and Ramoos are destined to converge in an unlikely aliance, but it is the only way their lives can be saved.

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About The Author

Hugh Mannfield is a writer, physicist, engineer, and inventor.  Hugh has never stopped learning.  He has a lifelong history of studying physics, reading science fiction, and developing new products in the aerospace industry.

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