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Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest would like to invite you and your group to become part of an author-owned, author-operated cooperative made up of writers, storytellers and creative minds dedicated to the craft of writing, publishing, and marketing intellectual property. As writers, we have asked the question, how can authors take advantage and profit from the changes taking place in publishing today? By recognizing the unique opportunity, we have to help shape that future through an author-owned and operated cooperative that empowers its author-owners in any activity related to the process of creating, publishing, marketing and advertising their work, while retaining the greatest percentage of their profits. If you or any of your members would like to become a part of WCPNW, or simply continue the conversation, we would welcome the opportunity to share our ideas.

For a modest $35.00 yearly membership fee, you get:

  • The company of successful NW independent writers who know how to create, package, market, advertise and most important, write a manuscript.
  • Access to a free book giveaway
  • Regular meetings in Snohomish WA, which can be attended remotely, to discuss writing strategy, marketing, useful resources, and guidelines.
  • Regular articles on the Writer’s Coop website that discuss writing craft, grammar and punctuation not easily found
    • Do you know how to properly ‘section a manuscript’ for easy publication?
    • What’s the difference between an ‘en dash and an em dash’ or the proper use of ‘shall’ and ‘will’?
  • Advice on independent publishing. Who to avoid, where to get help.
  • Support for your writing project, critiques, and reviews.
  • Access to book fairs, craft shows, and book shows.

Join the Writer’s Cooperative – where writers are turned into authors.

Invite us to Speak!

The writers cooperative of the pacific northwest is available to give talks on the writing industry, marketing for authors, and social media for creative professionals. We are available to travel in the Puget Sound area to speak to your group,  community, or local library. Feel free to contact us via email to see about our availability.

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