Cinch Mountain

His mouth salivated as he watched the healthy looking young woman with the fiery red hair putting gold nuggets into a leather pouch. She had no hat on and her red hair glistened in the sunshine. He would take his time with this one, he thought to himself. He would make her scream and beg for him to let her die. He enjoyed it best when they begged. Enzo didn’t know it, but the only problem with his plan was that, although you would never know it from looking, the girl knew she was being watched. It was the big Morgan she rode that had raised his head from where he stood eating grass, letting her know that someone or something was nearby. “Well”, she thought to herself, “if he wants to try something stupid…”

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About The Author

Suffice to say, besides being a writer for many years – Stringer for several newspapers, my own bi-line for articles in SAG and AFTRA mags., short story writer, screenwriter, and now two books, I’m also a blue water sailor, been a carnival barker, wrestled an ape on exhibition, rode the rails as a hobo for the experience, rodeo clown, storyteller, stand-up comic, MC, electrician, power lineman, owned several companies, circus clown, over 20 years as a prof. actor; Stage, Film and Television, along with some other stuff I can’t think of right now. As my good friend, Jimmy Stewart once said, It really is a Wonderful Life.