By Toni Kief





Toni Kief


Life could be worse as Daisy sits in her chair on this spectacular day. ​​ The sun warms her face and the cool ocean breeze kisses her skin. ​​ She is used to the pain that companions her existence, as she acknowledges this particular morning. ​​ Completely dependent​​ since birth, she lives in a world of the senses. ​​ She tries to express her appreciation for the family and nurses who wash, feed, dress and roll her through life. ​​ Her erratic bark is a clumsy prayer of love for their grace.​​ 


Everything is clear when a life is lived completely in the moment. ​​ Daisy knows exactly how delicate a body is in every breath. ​​ Time holds no meaning for her fragile reality. ​​ There has been only one wish and that is to stand and see life through your eyes, just for a minute. ​​ OK maybe two. ​​ She is the existence of a complex soul celebrating every second, and wishing for inclusion. ​​ 


Daisy’s mind is sharp, and she is aware of your eyes glancing as she rolls along the edge of society. ​​ Everything about you is shared as she listens to your laughter and sharp words. ​​ Her body feels the pity, relief and fear as your looks wash over her. ​​ Most people try to avoid her, but a few gawk at her erratic jerks and uncontrolled snorts. ​​ Daisy has to admit that she prefers the curious stares over being ignored. ​​ She recognizes that she is the embodiment of a great human fear, what if that was me, or my child? ​​ 


Daisy carries no judgment and that alone boggles lesser beings. ​​ She reads each face and envisions you taking the time to look directly into her eyes to communicate with a shared spirit. ​​ In that brief exchange,​​ she sees your vision of the world, and wishes to share her view from the tilt of her chair. ​​ You would then celebrate the intricate ballet of an ever-changing sky punctuated with the freedom of frolicking birds. Her mum-mum sounds are of joy, amazement, pain and gratitude. ​​ She acknowledges your life, but is satisfied with her own, as the single spectator of daily miracles. ​​ 


On the pier her family shares the quiet of sunset and she sees the sky turn to pink and then dark blue. ​​ She has no language, no education and no lover, but as the night wraps around her she will sing and soar with the birds completely free in her dreams.  ​​​​ 

About The Author

Toni Kief, a child of the 60s, Midwestern by birth, Northwestern by choice, Toni challenges the boundaries for women of a certain age. After a long career as an insurance adjuster, she fell into writing through a challenge from a friend. She has released her first book, Old Baggage, with two others in the grinder. Toni never dated Mick Jagger, but marched for civil rights, shared bread with icons of politics and art. She is spending her retirement, gathering stories prime for embellishment. Writing has taught her inspiration without perspiration is just a good idea.