Come What May (Poem)

By Lillis Lish

Come what may​​ by Lillis Lish


Our journey begins not in living, but in loving.

Do you believe? Do you hate? Do you love?

These questions continue to follow us in life.

To love, you need to feel pain, the pain of a broken heart,​​ 

A broken promise, a broken dream.

I believed in love once, I believed in you,​​ 

I believed in a dream, yet I believed in nothing.

I hated you, such a strong word, hate. What is hate?

What is true hate? Is it pain? Is it tears? Perhaps it is

Broken promises…

Yet perhaps it is just another four letter word we

Blame, we use to feel better, to make excuses

For our own insecurities.​​ 

Perhaps hate, has become our pain, our feelings

For betrayal, for bitterness, for being human.

For living.​​ 

Perhaps IT is an excuse for dying, for giving up.

Yet, come what may, hate is part of living, of loving, of life.


About The Author

Ms. Lish has had several poems published in anthologies. She has two grown children, both married. She works in the healthcare field when she is not writing. She resides in Seattle, Washington with one very feisty, well-loved cat. This is her first novel. If you would like to reach her, please email her at