EINSTEIN and ALIENS: A New Approach to General Relativity

If you thought you could never understand the theory of relativity, think again. Hugh Mannfield puts understanding general relativity within reach of almost everyone, with his new approach to the subject. Travel through the galaxy in an adventure of danger and discovery, as Hugh Mannfield lays out an alternative to Einstein’s universe of dark matter and dark energy.For you who believe you understand Einsteins theory, forget everything you know about space, time, and the universe. Its wrong. There is a simple alternative to the complex math and mysticism of Einstein’s general relativity. But to understand it you must be willing to travel a neglected path of reason, skewer a few sacred cows of physics, and push through to a new dynamic understanding. For physics experts and science enthusiasts, this book is packed with adventure, math, philosophy and things you will never see anywhere else. Things like:Black holes don’t really have singularities?There is an answer to the arrow of time question?Dark matter and dark energy don’t really exist?General Relativity can be compatible with quantum theory?Answers to all these question and more await within these pages. Buy, read, enjoy, and understand the cosmos as you never have before.

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About The Author

Hugh Mannfield is a writer, physicist, engineer, and inventor.  Hugh has never stopped learning.  He has a lifelong history of studying physics, reading science fiction, and developing new products in the aerospace industry.

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