Grief Country

Grief Country is the story of a widow’s quest to become her own grief expert. Stephanie Larkin’s world was turned upside down when her husband lost his battle with brain cancer. “I stabbed at my grief with my pen,” she writes, but her poems and essays could only lessen a fraction of the searing pain of widowhood. She decides to throw herself into studying what the “experts” have to say about grief, discovering in the process that theories about bereavement have varied wildly over the past 100 years. What is true about grief? Who are the real experts? What does “normal” grief look like? Larkin also explores issues such as changes in relationships, support groups and other forms of counseling, and the specific challenges faced by widowed stepmothers. Grief Country traces Larkin’s personal journey through loss, blending her raw depiction of widowhood with an informative and insightful meditation on the field of grief studies. Widows as well as those who simply seek a deeper understanding of the experience of widowhood will find Grief Country a thought-provoking read.

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About The Author

Stephanie Larkin writes nonfiction and poetry. Her passion is raising awareness about issues such as refugee resettlement and the challenges faced by family caregivers. She resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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