Hey, Chicken Man!

Tom Kirby is chicken and everybody knows it. Billy MacPherson has made sure of that.
Hidden by the Niagara Escarpment woods, the gang has gathered for the final initiation. Any moment now, the runoff will come gushing through the Tunnel – and Andrew will be drowned!
“You save him! He’s your friend,” Billy taunts.
Blindly Tom runs into the Tunnel, fighting back his terror as the cold blackness closes around him…

“A fine tale of friendship and adventure.” – Books in Canada

“A decent book about decent kids doing decent things.” – In Review

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About The Author

I love to write! And I love to write for teens. Since I was a kid, bored with school, I’ve been making up stories. Eventually I became a journalist, got married, had kids, adopted dogs and started writing books in earnest. Three followed, plus two more co-authored with Anne Stephenson.

I’ll be publishing a half dozen new books in the next year or two, some fantasy and some realistic which I hope will appeal to teen readers – I’ve had quite a few kids read them and gotten a thumbs up! Check out my website at www.susanbrownwrites.com