I Am (Poem)

By Lillis Lish

I Am​​ by Lillis Lish


Stillness reigns within me as I blossom,

My beauty unlike any other becomes my curse.

I am you, I am me, I am her, I am him,

I am everywhere, I am nowhere,​​ 

Yet, I am, I exist.

I am within you, I am within her, I am no one.

I am everyone, I am everywhere,

Yet you see me not, they see me not,

For I beat inside you trying to escape,

This monster in my brain, In my head.

My name is Bi-Polar.


About The Author

Ms. Lish has had several poems published in anthologies. She has two grown children, both married. She works in the healthcare field when she is not writing. She resides in Seattle, Washington with one very feisty, well-loved cat. This is her first novel. If you would like to reach her, please email her at lillisearline2002@yahoo.com.