Introduction to Chizigula

Chizigula (also known as Af-Mushunguli) is an endangered and undocumented Bantu language that is spoken by the Gosha people, who live in Tanzania and Somalia (where they are known as the Somali Bantu). There are several thousand Chizigula speakers (former refugees) now residing in the United States. This book represents an effort by the Chizigula speakers in the United States to promote increased English literacy within their community, as well as to ensure their ancestral language is not forgotten by their children. This book contains basic words, phrases, and situational dialogues in English and Chizigula. Author Stephanie Larkin has been involved with the Bantu community since 2005, and co-author Dadiri Nuro has been an advocate for the Bantu community for more than twenty years, beginning with his work as a youth leader in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.

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About The Author

Stephanie Larkin writes nonfiction and poetry. Her passion is raising awareness about issues such as refugee resettlement and the challenges faced by family caregivers. She resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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