Josh Jerry and Bonda (Excerpt 1)

Life is an Illusion: Loving Messages From Beyond, by Dennis Jackson and Alice Best Jackson


Excerpt 1, ​​ Josh, Jerry & Bonda’s story:




— Josh, the Montana​​ Climber —

In early 2000, Alice and I were on a tour through Montana doing book signings and lectures. We had such an event at​​ a major bookstore in Great Falls, Montana.​​ From our very first book signing, we realized our book signing​​ events often turned into Messages From Beyond​​ Circles. We had asked for audience chairs to be set up so we could speak to people rather than just sign books at a table. When we arrived, the store had arranged a separate area for us with a display of our books.

People were coming in and it seemed as though we would have a nice size crowd. We usually spoke about our story, defined the twin soul process, and then I would do mini-readings for a few of the people at the end of the lecture.

During the event I was drawn to a couple in the front row off to my right. The presence of a male energy was pushing me to talk to them. As I began talking about doing the readings, this spirit directed me, even more strongly, to speak to this couple, whose names I later learned were Jerry and Bonda.

“I have someone here from the Other Side and who says he is your son,” I said to them, and then asked, “Did you lose a child?”

“Yes,” the woman said, her eyes getting watery.

“He shows me falling backwards. Falling down, off a high place. He hits his head. He is holding the back of his head, his neck. Do you understand this?” I said to them.

“Yes, our son, Josh, fell backward off a cliff when he was rock climbing.” Now she was crying heavily. The man next to her appeared very calm and remained quiet.

To this man the spirit speaking through me said, “You can quit being so strong, Dad, and I want both of you to let this go. Quit blaming yourselves. You couldn’t have done anything about this. I would have died no matter what you might have done. No one could have stopped this. It was my time.” ​​​​ Jerry was overcome with emotion and said he needed to hear this.

Josh​​ then​​ said he really missed two other things: Hershey’s chocolate bars and driving his car, his pride and joy.​​ 

“Which car?” the mother asked​​ skeptically.

“The older green one,” Josh replied.

Interestingly, when I read for Jerry about a year later, Josh talked about a little red convertible. He also showed me a late ’60s model Mustang. Jerry confirmed Josh had purchased a red convertible a few months before his death, and that Jerry​​ still owned​​ a 1969 Mustang.

Jerry and Bonda confirmed the information and said they​​ were estranged and​​ living in separate residences. They were still on speaking terms but the pain of their loss was so great they couldn’t live together; however, they were going through counseling.​​ 

The night of the book signing, Bonda told me that earlier that night she had called her husband and said, “I don’t know why, but we need to go to the bookstore tonight. Get ready and I will be by to pick you up.”​​ 

“Okay,” Jerry just said, even though he didn’t know why.

Their son Josh had come through to help them deal with his passing and to encourage them to move forward through their pain. When they brought their newly purchased copy of our book to us to sign, I asked how they wanted it endorsed.

“Just sign it to both of us,” they said together with a smile.

Another healing had taken place.


About The Authors

Alice Best Jackson is a retired family law attorney and mediator (“recovering divorce lawyer”). During her legal career in South Florida (1977-1999), which began as a paralegal, Alice was a former assistant state attorney under Janet Reno’s tenure, managed a successful private practice in family law, and also presided as a traffic court magistrate in Miami-Dade County. Now in the second half of her life, she is a proud grandma, radio personality, medium, author, artist, and the creator of Imagery From Beyond™ – Abstract Art by Ali™. Her art is a method of automatic drawing used during private readings and Messages from Beyond® events, and is featured in Imagery From Beyond Coloring Book Series for Grownups. She and Dennis relocated to the Seattle area in 1999 to be near family, and to experience their next great adventure!

Dennis Jackson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual medium, author, musician, radio personality, and proud grandpa. Dennis’ readings, enhanced by his spirit guides, bring comfort to those whose loved ones have passed over to the other side. Dennis is gifted with the ability to spiritually connect with people and pets both on this side of life and on the other side. Whether in a one-on-one reading or group event, or via television and radio, Dennis’ gift of enabling spiritual communication has provided thousands of people with emotional relief, clarity, and direction. His gift consistently brings forth the message that life is continuous and the ones we love remain with us in spirit form. He and Alice are co-hosts of the popular internet radio show, Messages from Beyond®. His alter-ego is a local rock-star, playing lead guitar in his classic rock and cover band, North by Northwest…they play venues in the greater Seattle area.