Josh Jerry and Bonda (Excerpt 2)

Life is an Illusion: Loving Messages From Beyond, by Dennis Jackson and Alice Best Jackson


(Excerpt 2, continuation of Jerry & Bonda’s story:




While writing this book, Alice and I knew this would be a perfect example to show how communication can facilitate healing.​​ We contacted Jerry and Bonda to ask permission to use their story and to see if they would like to tell about this event in their own words. They both emphatically agreed and what follows are their versions of that special evening. ​​ 


Bonda’s Letter

It was February 5, 2000, when Jerry and I went to Barnes and Noble to spend the evening loitering and reading. I was looking for something to read when I heard an announcement over the intercom about a book signing which would begin in 15 minutes and the authors were going to discuss their book about twin souls. I was interested as Jerry and I had been on a “new age” journey for the past year, so soul mates were of interest…but twin souls? I told Jerry about the authors and said I was going to go to that part of the store to sit in and listen. I was looking over their book when Jerry sat down next to me.

The authors, Dennis and Alice, began by talking about how they met, their travels, and their book. Alice was also amazed at the experiences she had seen concerning Dennis's abilities as a psychic medium. While Dennis was expounding on his experiences, he stopped and said he was getting something.

Then he started telling the audience about someone who had been in an accident and a long fall…a mountain. “He left his body and watched it fall. He stood looking at his body. He said, ‘I’m sorry, Mom. You told me not to go. I should have listened, but it wasn’t your fault.’”

Dennis either knew or saw my face when we made eye contact…I was the Mom!! I had tears running down my face by then. Dennis asked Jerry and me if it was okay to do this reading publicly. I strongly expressed it was okay. I was getting something from Josh! Dennis then told me Josh said for me not to be sad. “Pick up the ball and run.” Two different psychics had expressed this same quote to​​ me during the past year. Josh was an athlete and had completed his senior year of football two days before he died. He was named an All-State player for defensive and offensive for Class B. This sounded so Josh. I never admitted it was Josh coming to me in my earlier psychic readings.​​ 

Dennis then said Josh missed Hershey’s chocolate bars and driving his car, which he loved to do. Still being a little skeptical,​​ I asked, “What car?” Josh bought a bright red Chrysler LeBaron three months before he died although during high school he had driven a dark green '74 Gran Torino.​​ 

Dennis said it was an older dark green car. I smiled. This really was Josh!

Then when he said, “Tell Brian I’m okay,” I was sure. Brian was the friend Josh went rappelling with on the day he died. Brian had to walk several miles to get help after he found Josh lying in the very rough terrain. Brian was only 18; Josh was 17. This was too young for either of them to have to face death. Jerry felt there might have been foul play. I felt Brian could have accidentally pulled on the rope when Josh was free climbing and caused him to be jerked off.

Josh then asked us to talk to the boys — his brothers, Miah and Jared — because “they are confused about you and Dad.”​​ I knew he meant our separation.

Josh asked Jerry to take down the shield he put up around himself. Jerry had told me​​ I​​ had the shield up and didn’t let my love reach him.

Dennis then mentioned he wanted to give me something from Josh. I thought,​​ Wow, how would he do this?​​ When Dennis came over to me and offered me a hug, it even felt like Josh.​​ 

Then Dennis said Josh must be a jokester because he was going to pull some tricks on his family. He also said Josh was an “organizer and planner”.

When going home afterward, at mile marker 11 my car clock said 11:11pm. It has been coincidental when I look at any clock it would say 1:11, 1:10, 11:11, and 6:11. I always felt it was my angels, but preferred it to be Josh communicating with me. Now I​​ knew​​ it was Josh. The evening was the most awesome experience. I really needed to know Josh was okay. I knew he was, but I needed this confirmation.​​ 

Three days later, while at work, a picture fell off the wall behind me. It was hung on a nail and had no reason to fall. “Hi, Josh,” I said.

Many times when I misplace my keys I say, “Damn it, Josh.”

I have asked him to help me in this trying time of my life and to watch over his Dad and brothers.

It was no coincidence Alice and Dennis came into my life. As they told us, if we are aware and listen to the signs, we can get a lot from those on the Other Side whether they be the Universe (God), spirit guides (angels), or whomever. I pray to have these signs in big letters for me and a "thank you" for getting them.

I went into myself when Josh died. I didn’t know how to survive except put one foot in front of the other…but didn’t have too much emotion or feelings going toward anyone. Maybe our work was to create the three sons we had and for Josh to make the life changes in other people’s lives through his death.

Jerry and I decided to get divorced, and we feel okay about it. We still share with each other the experiences (coincidences?) we encounter.​​ 


This is just another example of how our loved ones prove they are with us and still connected to our lives. The love they shared has become even stronger. There is no judgment coming through because each and every one of us is on a very personal and perfect path for our own soul's fulfillment.

As is true in everyday life, everyone sees events and hears information differently. If a dozen people were witnesses to the very same traffic accident, each one of them would describe it differently, as seen from their own perspectives, both visually and emotionally. As you will see in the following letter, Josh’s dad saw the events in another light and felt much different feelings surrounding this reading.​​ 


Jerry’s Letter

February 5, 2000, was a day of synchronicities. I drove to Great Falls from the farm in Conrad. I was at my apartment for only five minutes when the telephone rang. Bonda was in Great Falls, and she wanted to meet me. We had been separated for about a month, but we still saw each other every other weekend. I was the editor of the university newspaper at the time, and I was supposed to meet three other friends to work on the paper. Bonda met me at the school. I tried to work but couldn’t concentrate. I had a feeling I wasn’t supposed to be working right then. And besides, no one else showed up to help me.

Bonda and I like to sit at Barnes and Noble and read, so we​​ went there to spend a few leisurely hours before going to a movie. I found a book and sat down to read. As I sat down, an announcement came over the loud speaker. I didn’t pay attention as I thought it was just a generic store announcement, until Bonda came running over to tell me a psychic medium was going to give a talk.

We sat in the front row and listened to a very jovial couple talk about their experiences in finding each other. They explained they were twin souls. After discussing their book, Dennis explained he was a medium and he could channel spirits. Dennis said Josh passed on from a mountain climbing accident. He said Josh was with his friend Brian when it happened. He said Josh died from injuries to the right side of his head, but he hadn’t felt any pain. He said it was Josh’s time to go, and he was doing the thing he loved the most. Josh said it was an accident, and it wasn’t Brian’s fault.​​ 

Josh was with his friend Brian when the accident happened. They were rappelling off the West Butte of the Sweet Grass Hills. Josh died from a broken neck, but he suffered massive injuries to the right side of his head. My intuition tells me it was Brian’s fault, but I don’t feel any animosity towards him. It played out the way it was supposed to.

Josh continued to come through Dennis. He told Bonda it wasn’t her fault he had died. He told her to “pick up the ball and run.”​​ He said he missed Hershey bars and driving his car. Dennis described it as an older green car. Josh had recently bought a red convertible, but his favorite car was the old green Torino.

Bonda was having a difficult time dealing with Josh’s death. She did blame herself for letting him go mountain climbing that day.

Josh said I needed to take down the shield I had put up around myself. Josh then gave Bonda a hug through Dennis. Dennis described Josh as an organizer and planner and that Josh was busy on the Other Side organizing things.

This reading was mostly for Bonda. I didn’t have anything to ask. I felt a little uncomfortable. I felt a little guilty about the separation, as I had pushed for it. I didn’t realize I had a shield up until Josh said something about it. I was jealous Josh wanted to hug his mother and not me. Josh and I used to hug after every football game, so it was confusing to me at the time.

I was also confused about the separation. I wanted it, but I didn’t know why. After listening to Dennis and Alice and reading their book​​ Together Again, I realized their life experience in finding each​​ other as twin souls was very similar to what Bonda and I were going through. Their book helped me understand relationships have a beginning and an end.

Throughout the rest of the year, Bonda and I continued to have problems. Several different psychics told us we would get a divorce; we were on different paths. I fought to get back together with Bonda, even though I knew it was not meant to be. I guess I had to walk through the fire to get to where I am today. Throughout the year, I received informational e-mails from Dennis and Alice. I almost wrote back to get a reading from Dennis, but it just didn’t feel right. On February 5, 2001, almost exactly a year from our chance meeting in Barnes and Noble, Alice e-mailed with a request to use our story in their new book, in exchange for a reading from Dennis. I wrote back telling Alice it was great timing. Bonda and I had just decided to amicably end our marriage of 27 years.

I felt Dennis could help us in our transition.

My reading from Dennis was great. He again described Josh falling backwards. He said Josh left his body before he hit the ground. Josh showed Dennis a red convertible. I helped Josh buy this car three months before he died. He also showed Dennis my ’69 Mustang. He said he had always liked this car. Josh said the distance between Bonda and me was widening, and the separation was okay. He wanted us to be happy; he was not telling us to be together. Dennis said Josh was going to come back as one of my other son’s children. Dennis confirmed my intuition about my career, my relationship with Bonda, and future relationships.​​ 


As you can see, Bonda and Jerry each had a very different experience during the reading at the bookstore. However, in each case, a healing took place, allowing them to move forward in their lives. Jerry’s acknowledgment about relationships having a “beginning and an end” was a powerful awakening for him. As a divorce lawyer, I used to tell people that the end of a marriage does not mean it has failed. It simply means it has ended, and the new chapter is about to begin. Once people recognize no one is at fault, they are able to move on without blame or guilt.

During the follow-up readings I did for Bonda and Jerry, Josh let both his parents know it was time for them to move forward with their lives individually. With a wonderful loving energy, he also let them know that he would be around them for some time to come.


About The Authors

Alice Best Jackson is a retired family law attorney and mediator (“recovering divorce lawyer”). During her legal career in South Florida (1977-1999), which began as a paralegal, Alice was a former assistant state attorney under Janet Reno’s tenure, managed a successful private practice in family law, and also presided as a traffic court magistrate in Miami-Dade County. Now in the second half of her life, she is a proud grandma, radio personality, medium, author, artist, and the creator of Imagery From Beyond™ – Abstract Art by Ali™. Her art is a method of automatic drawing used during private readings and Messages from Beyond® events, and is featured in Imagery From Beyond Coloring Book Series for Grownups. She and Dennis relocated to the Seattle area in 1999 to be near family, and to experience their next great adventure!

Dennis Jackson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual medium, author, musician, radio personality, and proud grandpa. Dennis’ readings, enhanced by his spirit guides, bring comfort to those whose loved ones have passed over to the other side. Dennis is gifted with the ability to spiritually connect with people and pets both on this side of life and on the other side. Whether in a one-on-one reading or group event, or via television and radio, Dennis’ gift of enabling spiritual communication has provided thousands of people with emotional relief, clarity, and direction. His gift consistently brings forth the message that life is continuous and the ones we love remain with us in spirit form. He and Alice are co-hosts of the popular internet radio show, Messages from Beyond®. His alter-ego is a local rock-star, playing lead guitar in his classic rock and cover band, North by Northwest…they play venues in the greater Seattle area.