Linger, Love

A collection of poems written and edited over twenty years. Placed together in this single collection, they present a sort of essay regarding the human heart, its possibilities and its limits. The poems span childhood to adulthood, address many subjects including loss of innocence, identity, relationships, parenting, and divorce. Illustrated by Emelita Trier.

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About The Author

Liz Shine lives in Olympia, WA in the USA. She believes in the power of practice, and has been practicing writing since some time in the early 90s when she lived in the rain-soaked city of Aberdeen. She writes mostly fiction, some nonfiction and poetry, and holds an MFA from Pacific Lutheran University. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is teaching, getting outdoors, and in every way trying to be in the wonder of the moment. She reads constantly, usually in pairs, and posts what she reads on Goodreads. She also blogs about the writing life at