Mahlon Blaine One-Eyed Visionary

Mahlon Blaine ~ One-Eyed Visionary has been well received. Now with a redesigned cover and white-paper interior, it’s ready for bookstore and library distribution. The artist? He’s pretty much an unknown, and yet… In two thousand drawings published between 1917 and 1967, illustrator Mahlon Blaine revealed his subjects – from Demons to Deities, Maylasians to Martians, Biology to Biography, Lasciviousness to Literature. He painted, but he is best known for pen and ink – an uncanny artistic master of Erotica and Exotica who lived for decades in cheap hotels and borrowed rooms, acutely observing humanity while wielding pens and brushes dipped in wit and wry. With everything from children’s classic tales to cookbooks to treatises on witchcraft to mainstream fiction to literature (including Steinbeck, Hemingway and Voltaire), the publishing industry relied on Mahlon Blaine often. His best book productions feature twenty to a hundred illustrations each, and he garnered several awards for design and illustration. His personal life is obfuscated by a combination of time’s grime and his own desire for privacy and outlandish cover stories. The author Roland Trenary has been collecting and researching the artist for almost 40 years, amassing the most comprehensive assemblage of information and artwork that one might imagine, given the elusive nature of the subject. The book includes a complete bibliography of published work and a biography that emphasizes the professional side of Blaine. Among the 350 illustrations herein are rare photographs and self-portraits of Blaine and, especially interesting, dozens of published and unpublished drawings and paintings that reveal a side of the artist previously unknown and unseen. This goes beyond either The Art of Mahlon Blaine (1982) or The Outlandish Art of Mahlon Blaine (2009) in presenting both rare published and unpublished examples of Blaine’s unique artistic vision. And remember, unbelievably, he only had one eye! Bibliographically, here are 130 books and 70 magazines described and pictured that held Blaine’s public outpouring, as well as ephemera and posthumous publication listings – information not available anywhere else. And don’t forget his blooming bally bloody book, either.

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About The Author

Born in the first half of the last century, Roland Trenary has parlayed his modest Midwest upbringing into a modest 21st Century adventure.

He is creator of seven issues of the magazine Normal Bean, one acoustic album of self-penned/performed songs (Fever That Yearns), and several music-related videos on Youtube.

With over forty years of researching and collecting the artist Mahlon Blaine, he has gathered together Blaine’s definitive biography and bibliography (Mahlon Blaine ~ One-Eyed Visionary).

His novel of illustration adventure (Mahlon Blaine’s Blooming Bally Bloody Book) is on the Amazon charts, while he also continues to pursue an even newer career as a quick-sketch artist specializing in actors and musicians caught in the act of performing.

For the past several decades he has steadfastly maintained that his role as The King (in the Lincoln School 4th Grade production of the musical Rumplestiltskin) may have been his undoing.

This has yet to be proven.