Mildred In Disguise: Raising the Ante

G-MA ON THE FLOOR.It has been nearly two years since Mildred Petrie’s life made a change. It was a job of desperation which she needed to survive on her own since her husband’s death. She continues to fight crime on behalf of the Ivory Wind’s Casino. With her small team of unexpected misfits, she has rebuilt her biography with Arnie and the rest of her new family. They all pull together to maintain safety and support to the Casino guests. Mildred’s personal mystery combines with the ongoing challenges. Free flowing money, alcohol, music, and conferences – What could go wrong?

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About The Author

Toni Kief, a child of the 60s, Midwestern by birth, Northwestern by choice, Toni challenges the boundaries for women of a certain age. After a long career as an insurance adjuster, she fell into writing through a challenge from a friend. She has released her first book, Old Baggage, with two others in the grinder. Toni never dated Mick Jagger, but marched for civil rights, shared bread with icons of politics and art. She is spending her retirement, gathering stories prime for embellishment. Writing has taught her inspiration without perspiration is just a good idea.