Necromantia: Vol. 1-3 (Three Book Set)

In a world dominated by men, angels, and demons, the ancient order of Necromancy maintains the thin layer separating Heaven from Hell. The hidden world of the Seattle occult threatens to boil over and plunge the city into an unimaginable evil. Medical student Isaac struggles to find meaning when an encounter with a patient leaves him shaken. Isaac will need to trust in himself as the world he once knew threatens to consume him. Described as an Urban Fantasy, with the spine of a Thriller, and the soul of a horror novel, Necromantia will consume you to the very last page.

This edition includes all three parts of the Necromantia series.

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About The Author

Part-time engineer, part-time farmer, part-time author, full-time stay at home dad. I’m a Podcast Junkie and addicted to storytelling and radio dramas. I have been known to dabble in the Belgian Trappist Beers.