Not On My Mountain

THEY TREATED HIM LIKE AN OUTCAST Vietnam veteran Rafe Talltree was shunned by the small town of Shortcut, UT although he had never done anything to earn the town’s scorn. When a group of fanatical white supremacists led by a man who believes himself to be Hitler reincarnate invades the area and takes four teenagers captive, Rafe decides he’s had enough. Even though he is considered an outcast, but he can’t allow the hatred of small minded bigots to ruin the lives of others, at least not on his mountain anyway.

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About The Author

Suffice to say, besides being a writer for many years – Stringer for several newspapers, my own bi-line for articles in SAG and AFTRA mags., short story writer, screenwriter, and now two books, I’m also a blue water sailor, been a carnival barker, wrestled an ape on exhibition, rode the rails as a hobo for the experience, rodeo clown, storyteller, stand-up comic, MC, electrician, power lineman, owned several companies, circus clown, over 20 years as a prof. actor; Stage, Film and Television, along with some other stuff I can’t think of right now. As my good friend, Jimmy Stewart once said, It really is a Wonderful Life.