On The Aisland (Poem)

By Rachel Barnard

on the aisland​​ by Rachel Barnard



Autonomity at its most arduous

makes me think of aislands.

A haven or retreat for the aislado

or forlorn solidarity of man’s?


Una isla deprevida de companía

I sit alone, pondering the situation

sólo, sin otros, la es mía

is it self-creation or deprivation?


Without one to articulate

soy como un alma perdida

trying to find the refuge I sought

lo, una jaula que he construido.


The three coasa that I brought

useless fall, como rena por mis dedos.

Realizing my enclave, became my jailer

mi aislamiento about thoughts of my credos.


When he terminado con mis pensativos

perhaps I will build un puente

connections of thoughts to place me in society

a resolution, no man es una isla, la fuente.


Source of my confusions

conozco con la detachment

distant no longer, porque

con ambos I am fluent.


About The Author

Rachel Barnard’s greatest accomplishments have been eating an entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting, winning a boot toss, and writing a novel about herself. Rachel Barnard wishes she were taller, that chocolate had no calories, and that books could be eaten after they were read. Rachel Barnard resides in the Pacific Northwest and loves to dress up, talk about writing and books, and dance. Rachel Barnard primarily writes young adult books, including Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams, At One’s Beast, and Donuts in an Empty Field (For the Love of Donuts Book 1).