Pain Power Purpose

Stephanie Larkin uses her personal story of early childhood (developmental) trauma to illuminate the long-term and far-reaching effects of trauma, abuse, and neglect. After a lifetime of denying that she had been affected by the mental health and addiction issues within her family, she realizes that her experience with childhood pain may be connected to some of her adult decisions and behaviors. Suddenly much of her life makes more sense. Larkin describes how she took the power back from the pain that she had been carrying inside her and how she used that power to go forward with a renewed sense of purpose in her life. She incorporates recent research about childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect into her book and describes how “trauma-informed care” is making it possible for adults who were abused as children to be treated more effectively by those in the behavioral health field.

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About The Author

Stephanie Larkin writes nonfiction and poetry. Her passion is raising awareness about issues such as refugee resettlement and the challenges faced by family caregivers. She resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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