Poetry Primer

By D. Ellsworth Hoag

What is a poem?

Words with sensuous lines

that draw you forward.

Love of language for its own sake.

A game of syllables and oft rhymes.​​ 

The art of minimal,

drawing the maximum from each sound.

A deep probing of literary devices

to tease out wonder from mundane.

The song of the soul

that calls for total commitment,

and will take no less.

There are forms and formulas

that aid its incantations,

but the spark of magic

must come from the Muse.

Susurrations​​ of mysticism

in black runes on parchment.

Even the silliest poem

is part of the gene pool of humanity.

Calliope​​ and her sisters

sing songs to us,

poets,​​ studious scribes,

strive to save​​ silver sounds

from sacred tongues.

About The Author

D. Ellsworth Hoag: Born and raised in Michigan I developed an understanding of strong seasons—heavy snow, long winters, blustery springs, hot summers and crisp falls. I spent several years in the Navy where I developed an appreciation of the universality of the human experience. I then lived in Shoreline, WA for the better part of forty years. I moved recently to Phoenix, but still keep in contact with Writers’ Kickstart and Writers’ Cooperative of The Pacific Northwest. My love of writing and word play brought me to writing where I settled into poetry with occasional forays into flash fiction.  I have seven books published on Amazon and run a webpage at dellsworthhoagpoet.com. My poetry is graced with snark and hooks, but occasionally I write something with less sass.