Revenge With A Twist

Revenge, some say, is sweet, but I like mine with a twist!
Three mystery shorts, three twists in the tale…
From a deadly divorce in Bitter End to an “almost-perfect” crime in Bermuda Short, this collection delivers a fresh twist in every tale. And finally answers the question everyone’s been asking…Oscar Chump! “What’s that secret you’re keeping?”
“Anne Stephenson reveals just the right amount of detail to keep her readers intrigued and hungry for more. Love her characters, love her endings!”

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About The Author

A freelance writer and journalist, Anne Stephenson spent much of her childhood reading about other people’s adventures. Now she makes up her own. When not writing for nine-to-12 year olds, Anne is busy plotting how to commit murder on the page.

And as one-half of Stephanie Browning, the pen name she shares with long-time friend and co-author Susan Brown, Anne also writes contemporary romance.

The common thread is a love of writing, with a happy ending, and a nod to history in every story. (Except for Bitter End, her short story for adults, but there’s hardly any blood!)

Anne has an Honours Bachelor of Journalism degree from Ottawa’s Carleton University. Her career credits also include corporate communications, scriptwriting, and television production. More at: