Sanguinity (Henri Dunn Book 3)

If there’s anything Henri Dunn wants to avoid more than vampire drama, it’s drama involving witches.

So when a witch from the local guild asks Henri to look into a double murder committed with ritual magic, Henri would love to say no, until she finds out the victims were both vampires. Henri can’t just walk away from that. After all, some of her worst friends are vampires.

Not to mention that if the vampires find out their brethren are being used in some nefarious magic ritual, it’s bound to spark a war between the vampires and witches that will decimate the arcane community.

Of course, it’d be easier to face a malicious, evil witch if Henri had her fangs back, but none of the vampires are biting, literally or figuratively, and her best vampire ally is still lost in some kind of vampiric coma.

If Henri wants any hope of becoming immortal again, she must stop these death rituals and bring the witch responsible to justice before the vampires she cares about become targets.

Sanguinity is the third book in the Henri Dunn Urban Fantasy series, featuring a snarky, kickass protagonist, intriguing mysteries, a captivating cast of characters, and elements of humor.

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About The Author

Tori Centanni writes suspenseful urban fantasy books with snarky protagonists, intriguing mysteries, and dynamic casts of characters. She’s a nerd girl and recovering goth who likes dark, quirky stories with elements of humor. When not reading or writing, she can be found baking, watching too much television, and wrangling cats. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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