Shadow Man (Poem)

By Lillis Lish

Shadow Man by Lillis Lish

Evade me you do, your excuses lame, your lies to blame.

No longer I believe you,

I need to see to believe, to feel, to touch, to kiss your lips,​​ 

Feel your heart beat next to mine.

I need some proof of your existence,

Not just a shadow in the backdrop.

You say you know me, yet you don’t, just keep believing

THAT okay, for you know me not.

If you knew me, then know I hurt, I cry, I yell,​​ 

But not in anger, not in pain, only in frustration.

Broken promises are your only mantra, THIS is all I know

Your face I see not, I know not,​​ 

Your voice I hear in shadows of my former self.

I ask to see you face to face, you elude me still,

“Out of town”, you say. Why am I not surprised,

You’re always out of town.

Again, your mantra, an excuse.

Keep believing you know me, go ahead! I dare you!

Live in the shadows of my life, it is your choice,​​ 

My shadow man.

Continue to believe in Unicorns, in fairytales, in happily

Ever after’s,

Continue your surreal world while I live in the real one.


About The Author

Ms. Lish has had several poems published in anthologies. She has two grown children, both married. She works in the healthcare field when she is not writing. She resides in Seattle, Washington with one very feisty, well-loved cat. This is her first novel. If you would like to reach her, please email her at