Tale of the Spinward March: The Great Khan (Tales of the Spinward March Book 1)

Legends speak of a mighty Empire that ruled the galaxy nearly a million years ago. The Terran Empire brought order to the Milky Way by way of diplomacy or war, conquering oppressive societies, protecting younger species and providing a network of universities and libraries by which emerging worlds could grow and improve. Terran science cured disease and fed starving races.
Most of important of all, the Terran Empire bestowed on the galaxy its credo, the Laws of Angkor Khan, the first and greatest of its leaders. His descendants grew the Empire and spread the Law throughout known space, where it is still used in various forms today.
Eventually, the Khans grew old and became as Gods walking the universe, leaving the galaxy to the younger races.
While all legends are based on facts, the details become blurred as time passes. Certain of them fall by the wayside or are censored to protect the legends. Here is the real story of the formation of the Terran Empire and its leader, the Emperor Angkor Khan.

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David C. Winnie was born and raised in Everett, Washington.  An avid reader from a family of readers, his home was filled with an eclectic collection of books.  While in the Navy, David began imagining the Tales of the Spinward March, several volumes uncovering the myth and legend of the mysterious Terran Empire.  He began writing these stories during his career as an aviation inspector.  David lives in his hometown of Everett, Washington with his cats, Pete and Roger.

The Great Khan is his first full-length novel.