Tasting Evil: A Horror Anthology (Volume 1)

Murderers. Demons. Ghosts. Sasquatch. Vampires. Just another day in the Pacific Northwest.

Your chances of survival? Slim.

Under the drizzling skies of Mirror Point and Way’s End, visitors and natives alike find everything is not as it seems. A bucolic paradise on the surface with shadowy creatures lurking in the woods. Discover ancient beasts, faceless evil, modern-day monsters, and restless souls eager for revenge. Menace waits behind a smiling face and the lure of technology. Pull up a chair for a bite and much much more!

Buy Tasting Evil for hair raising chills and macabre fun in the picturesque Pacific Northwest.

Keep the lights on! The real danger is the one you don’t see coming.

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Ghoulishly good stories from authors:
Joel Swetin
E. G. Sergoyan
Sonya Rhen
Stephen Christiansen
Kai Bertrand
Deron Sedy
Chloe Holiday
Celina Davis
Toni Kief
Yazz Ustaris
Susan Old
Hugh Mannfield
Christine Gustavson-Udd
Matthew Buza