Tasting Evil: A Horror Anthology (Volume 2)

Cats. Cults. Witches. Werewolves. Sasquatch. You’ve come back for volume 2? Oh, we do like the adventurous types!

A little jaunt through town. Enjoy delicacies at our Centennial Fest. Play in our woods. There’s just something about Mirror Point and Way’s End that grabs at your soul.

Dive deep into Spirit Lake. Let your feet dangle and allow the cool water to kiss the underside of your neck, if you dare. Volume 2 brings the chills! Jump right in and have a monstrously good time!

Buy Tasting Evil: Volume Two for that special Pacific Northwest experience.

But remember to keep your lights on! It’s the only way they know you’re home!

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Ghoulishly good stories from authors:
Joel Swetin
Sonya Rhen
Robin Ridenour
Stephen Christiansen
Hugh Mannfield
Kristi Radford
Roland Trenary
Toni Kief
Susan Brown
Deron Sedy
Celina Davis
Chloe Holiday
Linda Jordan