The Bat That Came To Breakfast (Bart The Bat Book 1)

Zoe liked Bats.
She had dreams in bat… flying wildly, chasing bugs in her dreams.
She even asked her mother if she could have one for a pet.
But the bats must have heard her, because one day…
A BAT came to breakfast!

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About The Author

H.D Vesser (Alias Bart The Bat) H.D. grew up reading Piers Anthony (A Spell For Chameleon) Black Beauty, A Wrinkle In Time, and strangely enough, Stephen King novels.

Little did she know how much those books would influence her on her way to what she calls “Bartworld,” her favorite escape from the world.

This entire world in her head came to be when an actual bat ended up in her house.

H.D. is lovingly re-writing her childhood through these books. Its the most fun place she’s ever found…in her head. There are butterflies, bee’s (some of which she and Bart hopes to save through stories ( Look forward to “Bart Befriends a Bee”(The Big Book Of Bee) the 4th book. (Buzz finds “Barbara bee- who is beloved to me!” lying on a table who is revived by Zoe in a easy way that anyone can try- Save a bee- she did! For real! )

There are all kinds of magical creatures in Bartworld.

H.D. had no idea what a big full of love world it would become when she started writing what she thought would be one book. (now 44 book ideas and counting)

Quaking aspens and Dragons and horses and fairies OH MY!

Bartholomew (Or Bart The Bat for short) is H.D’s alter ego. Which is pretty batty. Har har.