The Scepters of Time (The Stormbold Adventures)

The Scepters of Time is the tale of young Jonathan Stormbold, who sets sail for the orient on the ship Cassiopeia. Drawn off course into an adventure of mystery and romance, he discovers secrets about himself, his family and his world. The year is 1822; Jonathan sails out of a fog bank into an altered world where the history he knows does not exist. Jonathan must overcome hardships on land and sea to outmaneuver an evil tyrant who seeks to stop him at every turn. Guided only by a letter from his grandfather and the words of a mysterious monk, Jonathan must find his way into the mountains of India to discover an art hidden since the dawn of civilization. Escaping many dangers, he is drawn into the intrigues of an ancient kingdom, the key to unlock the secrets that threaten to plunge the world into darkness and tyranny. Careful as he might be, Jonathan cannot escape the charms of a wayward princess and finds her fate is intertwined with his quest and the future in ways he cannot guess. From masthead to elephant back, from the high seas to the high mountains, Jonathan’s adventure leads him through dark places where evil thrives to realms of beauty that will change him forever.

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About The Author

Hugh Mannfield is a writer, physicist, engineer, and inventor.  Hugh has never stopped learning.  He has a lifelong history of studying physics, reading science fiction, and developing new products in the aerospace industry.

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