The Stinks Like Crap Squad A Stink is Born

From the mind of a 13 year old boy, who thinks burps and farts should be used as weapons, comes the story of an unlikely band of super heroes. The Stinks Like Crap Squad A Stink is Born is the origin story of The Stinks Like Crap Squad.

The well-meaning but misguided Airfresheners are trying to make the world a better place, by getting rid of smells that offend them. Their target is The Miser Geyser, a beautiful, but stinky natural wonder.

Trying to impress and intimidate their opponents, the characters sometimes use sophisticated dialogue, (big fancy words) but fear not, they repeat what they’ve said in plainer, easier to understand language.

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About The Author

Christine Gustavson-Udd was born and raised in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where she lived until getting married, and then moved to the Pacific Northwest.
For her bachelor’s degree, she studied art-mostly acrylic painting, at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.
She earned an Elementary Education Residential Teaching Certificate at Western Washington University, Everett campus and a Master of Education in K-8 Curriculum and Instruction at City University, Everett campus.

She enjoys writing and illustrating stories for children.
She used her daughter at age 7 for a model in her book My Life as a Raincoat, which she co-wrote with her aunt.
She used the complaints of her bored teenaged son, on a trip to see Old Faithful, as the basis for The Stinks Like Crap Squad, and gives him top billing in the credits- but don’t ask him about it, he’s still embarrassed by it!

Her books have positive messages for kids- perseverance, courage and self-reliance.