Three Point Shot

Nathan Red Leggins is a fish out of water – a Native American teen pulled off the reservation and thrown into a new high school in the white suburbs of Spokane, Washington when his mom marries a non-Indian. His basketball skill is his only asset. Will it be enough to help him make friends and get the girl he wants? Will the coach even put an Indian sophomore on the team? Can he shake the record of marijuana use that’s followed him from his previous school? THREE POINT SHOT answers these questions and more, and won an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest’s Young Adult Book Awards.

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About The Author

J. R. Nakken always wanted to write, but couldn’t stand rejection in her early years so pursued a successful career in accounting and business administration. She didn’t write anything for publication from 1956 until Y2K. Her first book for young adults, Three-Point Shot, won a Writer’s Digest award and her last one, Confessions of a Martian Schoolgirl, won the Readers’ Digest Association’s Reminisce Magazine Memoir contest, published in 2015. Ms. Nakken was raised on the South Dakota prairie and has lived coast to coast, finally making her home on the unparalleled Tulalip Indian Reservation north of Seattle, WA. She gardens (hyacinths for the soul, she says), plays bridge and pinochle, and cohabits with her soul mate, WWII veteran Dale Nakken and assorted eccentric felines. For more information follow her at: