Together Again ~ Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life

Most people say they are searching for their “soul mate”; however, Dennis and Alice Jackson will attest that it is actually your “twin soul” who is the love of your life…your destined mate through many lifetimes. Soul mates are simply soul connections and can be anyone you feel a spiritual connection to without having a love relationship. As you will learn in this book, there is only one true “twin soul” who is your divine partner in love.
This is a true story of twin souls meeting and recognizing each other from past lives. Dennis’s journey to discovering his psychic ability, as well as himself, is detailed in Section One. Alice’s life experiences as a young divorced mother and divorce attorney are emotionally transparent and humorously told by her in Section Two.  Section Three is written together by Dennis & Alice as they tell about their meeting at the age of 46, and their instant recognition of each other’s energy and soul connection. Their narration honestly deals with relationship issues and twin soul connections, and has been called a guide-book on how to recognize your own twin soul. Dennis & Alice write from their hearts as they share with you their personal stories, and it shows on each page. You will feel you know them personally and consider them friends by the time you get to their combined section, aptly titled Love. Readers often call them upon finishing the book, and are pleasantly surprised to be able to speak with the authors directly. Enjoy their journey, and your own.

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About The Authors


Alice Best Jackson is a retired family law attorney and mediator (“recovering divorce lawyer”). During her legal career in South Florida (1977-1999), which began as a paralegal, Alice was a former assistant state attorney under Janet Reno’s tenure, managed a successful private practice in family law, and also presided as a traffic court magistrate in Miami-Dade County. Now in the second half of her life, she is a proud grandma, radio personality, medium, author, artist, and the creator of Imagery From Beyond™ – Abstract Art by Ali™. Her art is a method of automatic drawing used during private readings and Messages from Beyond® events, and is featured in Imagery From Beyond Coloring Book Series for Grownups. She and Dennis relocated to the Seattle area in 1999 to be near family, and to experience their next great adventure!

Dennis Jackson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual medium, author, musician, radio personality, and proud grandpa. Dennis’ readings, enhanced by his spirit guides, bring comfort to those whose loved ones have passed over to the other side. Dennis is gifted with the ability to spiritually connect with people and pets both on this side of life and on the other side. Whether in a one-on-one reading or group event, or via television and radio, Dennis’ gift of enabling spiritual communication has provided thousands of people with emotional relief, clarity, and direction. His gift consistently brings forth the message that life is continuous and the ones we love remain with us in spirit form. He and Alice are co-hosts of the popular internet radio show, Messages from Beyond®. His alter-ego is a local rock-star, playing lead guitar in his classic rock and cover band, North by Northwest…they play venues in the greater Seattle area.