Unidentified Love

General Nick Pearson has been in love with Ben Smith since they were kids. Heading the military’s search for extraterrestrial life from the fabled Area 51, he’s unaware that the love of his life is one of the aliens he’s spent his life searching for. Will Ben’s secret tear them apart or can the star-crossed lovers live happily ever after?


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About The Authors

Orion has published short stories, poetry, and non-fiction, plus a co-written previous novel, Thieves in Time, a fan fiction in the world of TV’s Blake’s Seven. That’s how she met Kyros: he walked out of that novel and demanded French fries. Orion’s flash fiction appears in Wild Words (available on Smash Words), a collection of prompt-driven short fiction by the Writers Kickstart Group of Snohomish, WA. Dreaming of Xeres, written online with Kyros Amphiptere, is the first book of The Third War series.

She has been a librarian, school teacher, jewelry maker, glass etcher, gypsy business and metaphysical bookstore owner, and a vendor at scifi conventions, farmers markets, and SCA events. She lives in Everett, WA with two cats, a piano, and walls lined with books and art.

Kyros grew up in a small town in Indiana. After a year of college and a brief stint in the US Navy, he left Indiana and headed west. He ended up in the Seattle area where he lived for the next eighteen years doing a variety of different jobs. He met his future co-author, Orion T. Hunter, at a science fiction convention shortly after moving to Seattle. They became fast friends and for a few years even owned a bookstore together. Eventually work and his heart led him to the San Francisco Bay area where currently he resides with his husbands, two dogs, and a very opinionated African Grey parrot named Abby.