Warriors Rising (Islands of Seattle Book 4)

Cady’s village faces raiders from Morrigu’s Army. Some of the villagers take shelter in the tunnel. The rest prepare to fight for their lives with magic, dragons and guns.

Morrigu’s army of 300 warriors moves towards their destination.

The army travels with some of the darkest and most dangerous deities ever known.

Warriors Rising: Islands of Seattle, Book 4, of the five book series, bring us new characters and continues to surprise and enchant. Pick it up today.

Islands of Seattle, Book 4

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About The Author

Linda Jordan writes surprising characters, funny dialogue and imaginative science fiction and fantasy worlds. She creates novels and short fiction, serious and silly. Her main themes revolve around healing and transformation.
She’s fascinated by nature’s peculiarities, mythology and spirituality, what makes humans (and aliens) tick, political systems and the creation of music and art. She loves including all this and more in her stories.
In another lifetime, Linda coordinated the Clarion West Writers Workshop as well as the Reading Series for two years. She also spent four years as Chair of the Board of Directors during Clarion West’s formative period. She’s worked many other jobs, more than she cares to count. Eventually, she fled the city to live out among the tall cedars.
She lives in the rainy wilds of Washington state with her husband, daughter, four cats, eighteen Koi and an infinite number of slugs and snails.